Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis the 2020-2021 course will be somewhat special

Online classes

Every class, theory and practice, will be available online in the UPV’s TEAMS platform.

Practical sessions will be carried out only online? Theoretical classes could be physically attened, but this is not mandatory. Students should take into account that there will be not enough seats in the classroom for every student.

Students are encouraged to use tutoring extensively. Tutoring appointments should be made by email and meeting will be online.

UPV related rules summary

UPV COVID has extensive COVID-19 related norms.

The main aim of these norms are to avoid as much as possible any possible COVID transmission.

Basic rules:

  • Clean air is of paramount importance
  • Hand washing is recommended (in general, not just for COVID)


  • Masks are mandatory
  • Only officially FFP2 approved masks are allowed
  • Masks should cover from chin to nose (included)
  • Valve masks are forbidden

Access to physical classes:

  • Nobody can stay at the corridors
  • Students should enter the classroom before the teacher and remain seated
  • Once the class is over students should leave


  • Classroom ventilation should be maximized
  • Windows should remain open as long as possible

Students with symptoms:

  • It is forbidden for anybody quarantined to go to enter UPV
  • If you feel any symptom don’t go physically to UPV
  • If mild symptoms appear in classroom you should communicate it to the teacher and you can leave
  • If several suspicious symptoms appear the student will be transferred to a COVID room and health services will be notified